About Computrad

The business focus for Computrad USA LLC is ensuring applications run effectively on our customer’s networking infrastructure and IT Security solutions are focused on applications running to a customer’s satisfaction.

Are your networks strategically constructed to operate critical business applications and services? Does your organization struggle to manage these networks, ensuring optimized links, security, virtual consolidation and real time application performance all while under pressure to reduce spending? Computrad can remove your pain and decrease your costs.

What makes us different?

We are different from other network integrators as they generally focus purely on installing a network and don’t focus on how the applications actually run across the network. We focus on delivering the applications across a network to our customer’s satisfaction, anytime and anywhere. We deliver for the end customer in terms of application performance experience.

Computrad USA is an application aware networking company. This means that all of our solution portfolios consist of working with our clients to secure applications, make them highly available, give them integrity, and protection in real time - all the time - every time - the applications are being utilized.

Our Solutions are:

1) Computrad is the market leader in Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization. We will improve your network response times from 5 to 50 times, eliminate latency, reduce costs of bandwidth links from 65-95%, and improve VoIP quality. There are a multitude of applications fighting for space on the network; let us make them work in concert for you. Computrad provides comprehensive solutions for monitoring and managing network resources and bandwidth, while meeting user expectations for rapid application response. We ensure that your recreational applications, Facebook–IM–YouTube, don’t bog down your links

2) Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks will make your network inoperable. In the world of ever-growing malicious cyber threats, it is imperative to keep your web presence operating full time, all the time. We have the best in breed of DDoS security and mitigation hardware and processes. With a dedicated team of security experts, Computrad defends your infrastructure investment, business applications and data with proven solution adopted at leading enterprises such as Google, eBay and MSN.

3) Next Generation Application Aware Perimeter Firewall, is the only firewall currently looking for applications at the perimeter and provide unprecedented network security for today’s demanding IT infrastructures with granular control on application usage and behavior. Traditional Firewalls are, in reality, 30% effective. Computrad can assist you in controlling your network and ensure that you are secure from the vulnerabilities in Sharepoint, Microsoft, Facebook and thousands of other applications.

4) Citrix Delivery Center allows application delivery effectively through a centralized management platform. This utilizes the XenApp, XenServer, NetScaler and Citrix Access Gateway.

5) Virtualization facilitates rapid changes to meet business requirements and provides user environments in a layered, modular and centrally managed approach. Recoup 25% in your IT budget by lowering the number of physical servers and desktops and reducing power consumption and carbon footprint, while increasing hardware utilization for shared resources. Disaster Recovery is more reliable, faster and flexible. Computrad has many years of experience across several vertical markets, ensuring that you will gain the most from your virtualization solution.


Computrad has implemented Network solutions for a variety of companies and industry types globally. We work with the US Federal government, e-Gaming companies, law firms, charities and universities.

We are experienced design consultants and technical staff who are trained in the implementation and support of products such as Riverbed, Citrix, Palo Alto, Microsoft, VMware, Juniper, BlueCoat and Expand.


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